Tetradrachme Attika Athene

Tetradrachme Attika Athene   Tetradrachme Attika Athene reverse

Tetradrachme Attika Athene, Mascedonian kingdom. Front side: head of Alexander the Great.
Reverse: Tetradrachme aesillmsquaestor aesillmsquaestor. throne and Treasury aureole.
Reading BMC 82.
Weight: 16.71 grammes.
Dimension Tetradrachme: 3 cm.
Period Tetradrachme: 288 B.C.

The one and only mister:

*** Alexander the Great 356 BC. - 323 BC. ***

Alexander assumed the kingship of Macedon following the death of his father Philip II, who had unified most of the city-states of mainland Greece under Macedonian hegemony in a federation called the League of Corinth.
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