Roman republican and emperial coins Faustina, Roma and Geta

Roman Denarius Geta, Roma and Faustina Senior front side

Roman Denarius Geta, Roma and Faustina Senior reverse

This page shows you republican and emperial coins of Faustina Senior, Roma and Geta.
First one: Faustina Senior
Second one obverse: Head of Roma. Reverse four horses).
Third one: Geta as Caesar (198-209 A.D.).

Iulia Domna the mother of Caracalla and emperator Geta

Iulia Domna (170-217) was a Roman empress of 193 to her death. It was one of the most powerful persons in the Belorussian Sever house and the most powerful woman the Roman empire has known. It is to hér that the Roman empire was not already at the beginning of the joint emperor of her two sons Caracalla and Geta was split into an eastern and western part. During her life she practiced philosophy and acted as patron of a number of philosophers of her time. She is celebrated as the woman who's philosophy in the Roman Empire back granted a prominent position and was praised for its political acumen. They gathered around a group of philosophers and other intellectuals, whose activities to us by the writings of the sophist and orator Lucius Flavius Philostratus (ca.170-ca.247) are known.

Iulia Domna was born in the Roman province of Syria as a daughter of Iulius Bassianus, high priest of the cult of sun god El Gebal Emesa. As a young woman she traveled to the west and married in 187 in the North African Lucius Septimius Severus emperor of Rome. In 188 and 189 had two sons, Caracalla and Geta. When Septimius Severus in 193 was called by the Senate to the emperor earned her the title Augusta (empress). She traveled with her husband on his campaigns in 195 and was therefore entitled Castrorum Mater (Mother of the forts or army camps).

After the death of Septimius Severus in 211, the Senate her hitherto unprecedented and grandiose Titles Mater Senatus and Mater patriae to (Mother of the Senate and Mother Fatherland). When her sons both had become emperor, their distaste for each other was so great that they decided to divide the empire in the Eastern, with Geta as emperor, and western part, with the Emperor Caracalla. Iulia Domna came intervened and prevented the cleavage ( You might be able to divide the lands between you, but you cannot devide your mother !)

In December 211, she was betrayed by Caracalla on his proposal after a meeting between her two sons had regularly called for disputes to explain. But after Geta's arrival, he was killed for her eyes, probably in her arms by Caracalla's soldiers.