Ancient Roman Republic Silver Denarii

Silver Denarius Roman Republic front

Silver Denarius Roman Republic reverse

Objects: Republicans/imperial. Period: Around 100 BC. - 400 AD.
Characteristics: First denarius are: M.Voteius m.f. 76 B.C. silver denarius, 16mm (3.729m). 0: head or Bacchus or liberbverse, r: wearing ivy wreath. r: ceres chariot rdrawn by two 385/3.

The first denarius is a silver coin from the year 77 BC. After this one the man died in 78 BC.
Lucius Cornelius Sulla Felix (Latin = l•cornelivs•l•f•p•n•svlla•felix) (138 BC. - 78 BC.) or simply Sulla, was a Roman general and politician, holding the office of consul twice as well as the dictatorship.
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