Wax seal stamp with little angel

Wax Seal Stamp with an angel inprint

seal stamp with angel shown from the side the inprint in wax

A bronze sealstamp with an angel inprinted. It's a sealstamp with a very nice inprint of a standing angel. They come in many variaties and for many different purpouses. Namely for the church, militairy, individual, home, city and so on, and in many different materials like for instance, bronze, glass, ivory, silver, gold or...... With this 17th century bronze sealstamp and a little varnish, at that time you closed up your letters with these seals and than it was safe to be send to your prived adress. In the early ages and in the middle ages these seals had a purpose, but in the late 17th century these seals lost their glance, and other items to send or mail a letter were coming up. The paper watermark was born.
Total length 30 mm.
Seal length: 17 x 15 mm.

old seal stamps bottom of the stamps