Early medieval thimbles

bronze medieval thimble

early medieval thimbles

Two Medieval thimbles of an older group namely 14th-15th century A.D. Hand made and hammered out of a piece of plate brass / bronze. The many holes in the outside had a purpose they were made for better roundness. When your have a thimble detected with your metal detector than you can see the age by the thickness of its side of about 3 mm. The new ones are machinal pressed and their thickness is about 1.5 mm. Of course the people from the antic world like the Romans had also their own handmade and hammered thimbles, they where made from the same material these finger thimbles but their ones where longer 35 mm. and at the top sharper pointed. The 14-15th century thimbles are in length 20 mm. The roundness or thickness of it is depending on the thickness of the fingers. For fat ladies 88, or 22 for little ducks.....