Metal detecting find of a Copper jug

copper jug

bottom of the copper jug
Bottom of the copper jug with stamp.

Object: seventeenth century copper jug with stamp in it. Height: 17.5 cm.

When were these blonde boys born?

To begin, making a jug of Beer is an occupation which is already centuries old. The SumeriŽrs, a people that have lived approximately 5000 years in MesopotamiŽ knew it already. They were supposedly the firsts which made beer. The beer and the way in which this was made, is not the same as we now know. One baked a type of bread from "bucket" (a type of wheat), which was done on the outside, but of within still weak. If one made beer, they soaked the bread in water, and brought this to leavens. Most of the time they added honey to the beer.