Silver hammered coin of John II, Duke of Brabant

 Hammered coin John II, Duke of Brabant obverse    Hammered coin John II, Duke of Brabant reverse

Silver hammered coin Jean II (September 27, 1275 - Tervuren, October 27, 1312), surnamed... the Peaceful.

He was the Duke of the provinces Brabant and Limburg (Netherlands) in 1294 until his death, he was a son of Jan I and Margaret of Dampierre.

He married on June 30, 1290 by Margaret of York (1275-1333), daughter of English King Edward I. The relationship with his mistress Elisabeth Cortygin was a bastard son Jan van Glymes born. In 1306 he defeated the rebel Brussels craftsmen. At the end of his life he had, by the growing power of the cities and the deplorable state of the finances, the Charter of Kortenberg (September 27, 1312) major concessions to the state.

Size: 2.5 cm.
Material: silver.