The great inferno of Europe at 500 B.C.

(Halstatt culture 800-475 B.C. early iron ages)

The beginning of the middle European Celtics lain (now in the middle of Germany where their origin started). They saw high to the sky, summon a long time, a line with to the front a fire ball. The smooth boys under the Celts considered this as omens of the war god Taranis. When the comet fell trough the mist ring it looked like a large astern, with a hard detonation to scraps it fell on the ground where it made a huge number of victims. A large inferno therefore. Were three quarters of the population were eradicated burned everything, their houses, lands firstly, and afterwards off this disaster rain fell for many days. When the rain stopped eventually, there appeared complete beautiful rain arcs (rainbow) in the extended area. On that the Celts remained each and every year after 500 B.C. of this calamity, and decided to bring the war god sacrifices.

The swastika cross with as from this moment on in the front of one Celtic coin as known (silver-rainbow disk coin) with to the front the terrifying fire balls crossfire and to the back fire balls. decided them the currencies from (rain and rainbow - plates) were from the beginning called. Furthermore they made of the comet many large wooden wheels with an iron frame between the caps they put small wood in remanding to the wagon wheels. In this way the Celtic tribe made the wheels for their large TARANIS comet celebration ceremonial and recollections party. These wheels look like the 19th centuries farmers wagon wooden wheels.

The next step was to take the wooden wheels to the top of a mountain, strike the small woods that were sitting in the wheel on fire, and than they let go of the wheels separately so that they (burning like fire balls) went speeding down the hill. These (Celtic bronze wheels) you can also see on one of the coins on one of my Roman coin pages. Every year they organized a feast, and celebrated for the honour of the war god Taranis.

This for the misfortune of above; Also the Celtics didn't fear on those festivals of building a human wooden house (a standing Man look a like) of 20 meters high, and the wooden legs diameter was five meters human house it's height was four deepening’s.

Afterwards their prisoners of war were pushed in, from below up to the sixth level in the wooden head, and after filling up the thing with people the wooden doors were locked.

The Celts than prayed to the numerous gods they had and asked them for a favourable good harvest, fertility for the women, and numerous victories to gain in the coming year.

When the doors were firmly locked then their was a few people who started to lay down branches an little sticks around the wooden prison. When that was done and everybody had found a good place to sit down and watch the show the boss of the Celtic tribe shouted “I’m ready, start the fire”. The Celtic druid than made a fire-ring all around it en set the human tower on fire.

All of course terrible situation from 500 B.C. of the falling comet on earth. anyway according to my sources repeated the inferno of the falling comet seemed that fire, the clamour and the fragrance of burned landscapes in the year off 2028 A.D, and by the resources which they have now cleverly beyond the earth fly thought, deep substance to after thinks this also one inferno .in the birth of - -----------Alexander the Great- of Greece fell there fire of the sky: the birth of Jesus Christ stood for days and also over day, one STAR in the sky above Bethlehem –Israel and in the constellation of the sky stood in ASTRE sign of the fish, with the birth of the first Buddha was there days from heavenly lights.

Hard as steel the first rest from the comet the Celtic blacksmith makes now from this moment very hard steel for their weapons and with the tires (cometrest—limonite ) of the Celtic god Taranis.

Very hard as steel the weapons of the Celts. A couple days after the first remanding party went out some Celts in their - homeland in search to get sings from rests of the falling comet and looking for things what this Celts think in their believes his tiers of the war god Taranis in baskets and these to collect properly and to shovel t in the horse wagon with carriage to charge after days of to gather wood one left house landlord where she piled up ores to little metal mountains at their melt ovens to mix iron ore whit the comet stuff them with the other batteries + other ores such as it correct tan mass had. Then under seeing of the blacksmith the ovens were by built and full were stowed with the mixing mass, and proceed well-known for them it started up then just one proceeded to fire 1 of the ovens. after a couple of days and nights of correct hot warming from the ovens it obtained the blacksmith. To melt the ore next in to iron bars and by means of this Celtic’s proceed to make weapons and lance heads - arrow points axes - knifes etc. of it to use for Celtic’s-tribe (people) with the ideal it comes himself be pay of the war god we are invincible this way they full conviction in every warrior - operation or battlefield.

More over for a fight face to face against the Celtic’s one saw sharing their tattooing with flames on the bodies and these rubbed with a type Latene blue, their hers they as picks up combed had rubbed in finally with a type herpes+ leave’s that her afterwards the bleached products of blond Therefore if one stood compared with these savage gangs many other tribes had to be objections concerning this body language of those strange Celts. them firsts battlefield after 500 B.C. with the others iron metal ( comet ores) this comet ores think the Celtic’s tribe as the tears’ from the god Taranis in their weapons appeared already fast that them a certain hardness was until them ; and have beautiful, glowing that is equalled in theirs iron. The age’s for 500 B.C. and for the comet had iron to the weapons not the correct hardness not yet ad this time zone, let stand to the beautiful sheen of steel.

Thus you can thinks your own in a with man against man and considerably the weapons went curved in a battle always, everybody's weapons considerably crooked where on one returned oneself collect and itself drew well-known places on which forge their already resisted with theirs blacksmiths tools( iron table-hammers-grips –etc) and after this process from theirs blacksmiths they could gonging to 1 other weapons act accomplish if this happens were one contracted a new battle. Therefore you could foresee it whit the clammy weapons before 500 B.C., however, with the new weapons after 500 B.C. of the Celts with that new formula, this knowledge from comets steel in to the weapons came to the ears of the Roman army. the ROMENS. Wanted That Celtics formula also to get hold of sense in that, but were are not yet so far. Next Page......Modernisation of the Celtic people