Latene Culture

And this name The iron time and early antiques, the group la tène culture what is moreover inferred of the harbour La-tène located to Neuberger - SEE or LAKE one in 1857, an old bridge from t year 450 B.C. to discovered there in Switzerland . Europe an unknown Nar things came to the light above be thrown more a heap artefacts that suspected as offering gifts then in there the found objects was Weapons , tools and jewellery . the materials had been further developed compared with the Halsttad culture ( in Germany) maths with n little Greeks influence . some Celtic Gods . Ana/Anu(Dana/Danci) Goddess of the ground and Fertility. Teutates ; Father of the Warrior Tribes And the God off Wealth . Belen us ; Sunbathing Gods of Galliers- French leads the Cernunnos; God of the Living. Taranis; The Thunder God an Important God is Symbols Show Sign -- Fire Councils. Caesar copy him with the Roman god Jupiter . Eponia; Gallic one Fertility’s god is its symbols were one horse and the full horn also played as Gallo -roman a God a role. Lug; Light God of the Art-War- Hands workers -Poe Its he acquired a high look of the Celts such as God. Andasta ; Celtic war God and Survival God. The Druids C.A. 1200 B.C. Meant Everything Seeing C.Q All knowing …………Finally the Metal detector friend; himself I sears already on 18 years (2005)and tries with this way by means of my terms numerous things to introduce especially the important bottom Finds Items at the correct agencies. in the interest for the archaeology. further hope I my of steering (I and mine) Internet site in length of days. But because some times with detecting- searching cant any things go wrong , how ever, detector leads of the many differently lands (Country’s ) America –U.K –Scotland-Ireland -France –Germany-Belgium etc-etc- goes:: I have the following laws: Tips; Edsel Murphy Obtained By the American : If Anything Can Go Wrong , It Will ! Nothing Is so Light Such As It Sees There From? One Certain Detector Knob Functioned Never! Has one for days learned and that spot on one good finding place and it sits’ in yours mind, is anchored it disappeared all of a sudden without a trace as one sear’s mate (dude-friend ) ask where was that spot were you find Thad nays bottom find thing ? Software what runs uncomplicated has always become obsolete. Own experience; From chaos a I voice talk to me, laugh and are gladly it can still more malignant come and I laughed talk, but it became nevertheless still more malignant. Don’t worry, be happy. The Correct live Former (gene) must be good To Stir ( Josef’s slogan 2005 ) but aren’t Thad not the Metal detector friends from all over the World…………………?

Andante; Celtic War God and Victory God. The druidic of 1200 B.C. Meant everything Seeing C.Q All knowing in Dutch (Alles wetende). Finally still this; My self I search already for about 18 years (2005 ) and I try by this way by means of my terms numerous things introduce report especially the important Bottom find Items at the correct agencies. in the interest for everyone and her History of the many objects.

The second reading.

Further I hope of steering my Internet site in length of days. But because some times with searching or too, however, man on the lands it all goes differently .I have for days, learned and searched that spot give t please in Dee mind and one fellow hunter ask were is this spot than you lose your mind in seconds and doesn't remember anything? Software that runs uncomplicated has always become old of age ? Own experience; From chaos a voice talked to me, loud and clear it said to me when you burst out laughing everything goes by gladly and smooth but one snails and ever tings becomes worse? This Blue link Below is only to activate when yours Bottom findings are made of gold $$$$$

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