The Celtic Tribes

Modernisation of the celtic people and this great tribe

By new agriculture mechanics grow the population number on very fast and the means European Celts going over theirs borders to ride and sears of new home-land of themselves firstly in : c.a. 400 B.C. to the south to swerve conquered they the Etrustken city Clusium=Chiusil-Toscanna - in Italy with the floor of the ground right and theirs houses . This was an operation of maybe with concurrencies-game of their trade on that the Etrusks ( 400 B.C. people from Italy)also very high cult her had in t commits of forges of all kinds of metal or took them for its Owen future process? In any case the pugnacity of the Celtic People see went simply by the next city which they terrorize - conquered were Mel pun –Milano-Italy afterwards Felicia -Boulogne-Italy. From other sources I learn that the Celtic tribes with names Boier -Semonen and the Insubrer founded the city as Mediolanum- Milan (Milan)- Italy after the battle. Furthermore the fight went, they whit a lath of Roman legions destroyed in the battle of Ollia and stood 386 B.C. in Rome where they could no longer keep t eventually after 7 months. Therefore they had been exceed-driven by their courage and of the firsts victory of the city Roma. The second Last Slotting . At the battle in 279 B.C. they attacked the borough lain in Greece with the name DELPHI, under the guidance of lord Leader Brennos and with 30,000 head strongly. The broadly developed horse Calvary to and men hoods of the Roman and Greeks concerning live strongly large, brought their advantages. Under the fight in Delphi have the Celts 1 omen an earthquake, and rolling stones of the mount Parnas which according to them indicates on a bad sign for them: of the GODEN, slowly get 26,000 man irritated and crazy from of the circumstances as followed started the Celts to fight against them self’s each other , and goes finally in each direction according to the Greek bulletins over all the Celts in Delphi . The south-east Celtic peoples going to Roemenië Romania )and small Azië (Asia) whit theirs names as the Galati's.

Other tribes of the Celts

Made also Reputation as : The Lord Gallic French Leader Vercingetorix have made a battlefield ad 52 B.C. on the mount blockhouse of Alesia in the area of Dijon against fighting the roman legions of Julius Caesar--- Julius besieged already months the mount blockhouse on which he the Romans cut the supply of down the mount by placing concerning the all fronts of the mount around wooden polls(trees) and there behind a drain concerning of the fighting’s area zone, and there again the same such as previous of wooden polls-etc-etc –etc range therefore herewith reached he exhaustion of all means of the heroes on top of the mount, which with their families rapidly get to all earth things- water provisions gone the Celtic’s talks to the head leader Vercingetorix over this bath situation he said to de crowd ;send all the women and send children down below the hill in the hope from mercy on that Julius concerning the groups take care of itself and give this people to drinks and foot send he these people in feat oaks with a 50 legionnaires and his way to ROME where they all if slave sold will become. Eventually Julius in that battle won many fighting’s ,against that celts.1 day after shows on the plains appeared there strengthening of the other tribes of the Celts by seeing this of Vercingetorix and coming of the Celts were inn large numbers of warriors the situation became now 6 to 1 roman in but the interlocution between the both Celts tribe at that moment went bad formerly had been well agreed on a determinative sign of the lord Leader Vercingetorix they together would attack and Julius confuse legions to dismantle this way of this tactics’ I this was 1 ferry good plan , was not it this way that numerous army leaders of the Celts also name get wont theirs fame of glories but then with out the lord Leader of on top of that mountain in Alesia when this battle get’s started with out the orders of the lord leader above the block house on the plains becomes ever tings go wrong the Celts attacks in front charge with out one chance and this army’s of the leaders goes by the dozens in the dead by Julius Caesar well oil arrows machinery and aft her means of killing aspired to the consequence were the hordes became destroying also by the catapults etc .etc. Salve Salve were it now for the once proud victor several field battles he won against the Romans’ its tribe on top of the mount now insisted that he himself had give to surrender Julius but concerning in the heap mercy of the other buddy’s he went the day after. And left the blockhouse on its white horse to deliver itself in Julius ' camp he lead al his army attributes and sword for Julius feet’s and stay’s stood naked for him, and went down and lay in the well known Jesus Christ attitude on the ground ' On what Julius let conduct him in a cage fore his Goods when he was back for its glories –triumph - parade in Rome with theirs of Vercingotix Celtics defeated warriors army; the show was one of a great favourable triumph in the streets , for the still younger and unknown Julius hats coming now name and fame the city sends people-enjoyed in ROME. After 6 years of prison from the once gal lien hero dead VERCINGETORIX in the year 46 B.C. in the great Amphibian Theatre in Rome in Italy against with very match roman citizens’ and I fue other people from Gallia and so one and for his noose’s slowly bee strangle in standing position watching the front from: This person Caivs - Jvlivs- Caesar.

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