Celtic coin electron (rainbow disc)

Celtic coin front

Celtic coin reverse

a Celtic electron rainbow coin from the Roman - Dutch period.
Was hammered in the German Celtic place of Bochum.
In the time: 30 - 15 BC.

Celtic rainbow coins you find them in.

no. 1 Bronze with a mix of 75% copper.

no. 2 Silver with a mix of 75% silver.

no. 3 Electron with a mix of 50% gold.

no. 4 Gold with a mix of 80 % gold.

That completes the differents of the Celtic rainbow coins of early times on top the 3 arms swastika cross.
Below are the circles on the Celtic coins, they're raindrops from the sky in one colour rainbow.
It must have been wonderful for the first Celtic money maker seeing this antique period panorama.