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For whom is this metal detecting site made ?

This internet museum is ment to be for searchers, detectorists, (and could come in handy for the determination of your coins, buckles, brooches and all other Medieval or Roman metal detecting finds ). Lots of visitors liked our Dutch website so we thought why not building a metal detecting website in the English language and serve you guys worldwide.
Our English is probably not as good as yours but what the hack. Now it shouldn't be too difficult for you to understand what detector finds I found in over 25 years of searching the farmlands, beaches, parks etc. Another thing....maybe you want to bookmark this site since it's just too much to read in one day.
Regards and have fun,
Jozef and crew

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Roman and Greek arefacts like Roman coins
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Coin weights and other weights
Classical times etc.
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The Roman death penalty
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The monarchy 1500 - 1950
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Metal Detector Dealers
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